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Active Voice for Regional Industry.

SCIA supports the position to not sue oil companies

South Central Industrial Association (SCIA) represents more than 250 member companies with over 200,000 employees within the parishes of Terrebonne, Lafourche and St. Mary, many of whom are engaged in servicing the oil and gas operations in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and around the world. We serve as the economic engine for the bayou region, which is the hub for the offshore oil, gas and marine industries in Louisiana, while being interactive with the industry throughout the nation.

As business leaders in our region, we have always recognized coastal restoration and protection are urgently needed to protect our businesses and thriving economy. We also recognize that the oil companies who play a major role in the economic base of this region support and contribute to the funding of the coast in the state of Louisiana. Additionally, the state has a mechanism in place to assure that regulations are followed through the Coastal Resource Management Act.

It was recently reported that the bayou region of Louisiana has the second highest unemployment rate in the nation. This is a devastating position. The livelihood of this region is to serve as the support system for the oil, gas and marine industries which has been in utter turmoil for several years. This is not the time, nor is it necessary for the state of Louisiana to take further action with the oil companies.

Under these circumstance, SCIA stands strong and believes that the governor of Louisiana should reconsider his position on this issue and strive to work more closely with the oil companies to assure continued economic success while partnering with helping to save our coast. Lawsuits are not the answer in determining the economic survival of this state. In fact, this should not be about lawyers, this should be about economic survival of the people of this state during a time when no one knows if they will survive this major economic downturn.