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Active Voice for Regional Industry.

Message from the President 

I am happy to see we are entering an interesting era that may spark positive benefits for our membership as the next few years roll on. I do believe we have many positive changes being addressed by our current national administration that should promote and encourage recovery and growth for many who are dependent on oil and gas, and the tangible businesses and services associated with that environment.

We also see a positive commitment to restore our coast and to build adequate protection for our communities composed of our residents and businesses who keep our region alive and flourishing. Partnerships have been developed between our local, state and federal leaders which should help to spawn positive results for the Bayou Region. These partnerships will not only promote activity and commerce for our communities, but will also provide adequate protection to encourage growth and sustainability for the future.

There is a positive view for addressing our other infrastructure needs as well, which should be helpful to our highways and ports. These are other elements that provide health to our economy and are vital to our culture.

These signs of encouragement are comforting and provide a solid, optimistic view for our future. Let's remember that we must be patient, cool, and smart during this period. Instant results will not be realized, but steady results will.

SCIA stands vigilant to remain engaged and forever pursuant to the wants and needs of the more than 200 member companies and over 225,000 employees we boldly represent. Our Board of Directors, staff, and committees are eager, proud, and enthusiastic to continue the path initiated by our past great organizational leaders. Our persistence and commitment to push the agenda forward, as previously described, will be our direct focus, and will be impactful.

I ask everyone to visit their commitment to the communities we serve in the Bayou Region. Ask yourselves what you can do to get involved. We need to make our push NOW! That's right .... NOW! Any involvement, big or small, can make a huge difference. I ask you to please visit any of our standing committees and research the coalitions associated with SCIA.Please see if and how you believe you can help and become involved. The time is now, the time is ours, the future is yours. Get involved!

It is and honor and a privilege to lead this board and association. Please know we wear this association on our sleeve and live with you in our hearts. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any thoughts or ideas to help promote the standing charge of the South Central Industrial Association for the betterment of all.

May God bless and keep you always .....

Cory H. Kief
Crosby Tugs, LLC
SCIA President