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President's Message                                                                                                              

Hello everyone!                                                          

 As the voice and actions of our new administration in Washington slowly begin to take form, we become ever aware of the drastic changes that had negative impacts on the oilfield over the last eight years. It seems as though the gradual decline being imposed on the oilfield by the past Administration has created a challenge for the current Administration. However, regardless of the aggressive attention, the fix will be a long and thought out process that will require time and patience. After all, a poisoned body can recover, and is much better than a corpse that needs a burial. In reality, that is what we have. There is light at the end of the tunnel… patience, patience. The commitment is real!

 Equally, there are aggressive reform matters and issues being addressed within the United States Army Corp of Engineers helping to streamline the processes needed to proceed with our projects in this region relative to the development and maintenance of our waterways, ports, highways, and levee systems. These reforms will take some time to come to fruition, but are real and will be beneficial to our region. Those measures will help to promote construction projects in our region supporting business and commerce specifically to engineering, consulting, construction, and the tangible services that support them. Once again, time and patience.

 These measures, identified above, work hand in hand. The construction and maintenance of infrastructure help to promote a secure environment to accommodate the oilfield and marine industry our region needs and heavily depends upon.

 Please know the SCIA staff and board are engaged and will be impactful. We are here for you!

 As we say goodbye to the summer, and welcome in the change of the seasons, we notice and recognize the same things happening to our industries…

 The changing of the seasons also brings the changing of leadership in SCIA. We are witnessing the changing of the guard and passing of the torch from one director to another. As we bid fair well to Ms. Jane Arnette and welcome in Ms. Christy Naquin.

 As we endeavor along in the landscape established by our founding members and predecessors, we recognize the profile that SCIA has developed through the years, that could not have been achieved without the commitment from all who have participated in its success. Our Executive Director has been steady, committed and true to the values and mission of the association. SCIA has held a community together, attracted new industry and growth, helped to educate people, be involved with governmental and regulatory matters, legislation, supported teachers and schools…the list just goes on and on. All engineered with the sincerity of our Executive Director of 16 years.

 SCIA is a hand painted mosaic that has been designed without the use of brushes, but with the hands of many. There are a variety of colors, hand marks, and fingerprints on the canvas. However, the most prominent and influential of the artist will be relaxing now…for a moment. It is with gratitude and best wishes that we offer Ms. Jane Arnette God Speed as her journey continues on, and we are forever grateful for her sincere contributions to our association. Her color and energy that she has graced us with are quite unique.

SCIA will always be your home. Your commitment and loyalty will never be forgotten.

 So now, we invite Ms. Christy Naquin to step up to the canvas. We encourage her to use her thoughts and ideas to bring us where we want to go. We will be there as she places her hands into the paint and combine any colors she likes to add to the art that has been created. The challenge is extreme. The future is wide opened…. Welcome!

 Congratulations to both of our wonderful Executive Directors!

 May God Bless and keep you always.


Cory H. Kief

President SCIA 2017 / 2018

Crosby Tugs, LLC